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Types of Cricket Events

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Cricket tournaments have constantly established new formats in an effort to appeal to a wider audience as the sport has developed. One-day formats have been introduced to cricket in recent years in order to encourage more aggressive batting and a feast of runs, which had previously only been seen in test and first-class cricket.

One does not simply head straight to the best online cricket betting sites in India without fully understanding the types of cricket events and tournaments. We hear you and that’s exactly what this article is for.

Basic Forms of Cricket

First-class and Test cricket matches remained the only two that existed at the sport’s inception. There are now six types of matches that a player’s profile could include. Cricket, however, may be broken down into four distinct styles: One-day internationals (ODI), Twenty20 (T20), and other first-class competitions.


The minimum time required to play a first-class cricket match is three days. It has been argued that a Test match is equivalent to a first-class match. The format is quite similar to a test cricket match, with the exception that there is no time limit on the match.

While 11 players make up the norm for a side, this isn’t a hard and fast rule in every game. One or two innings of play may be shared between the two sides, but there is a greater probability that only one inning will be played.


According to the International Cricket Council, only players with test status are allowed to participate in test cricket, the longest form of the sport. Cricket’s pinnacle format, the five-day Test Match, has two teams of 11 players each batting for four innings.

Typically, there are two sessions per day, totaling up to 6 hours of playtime per day. There are also numerous breaks in a test cricket match, including a 40-minute lunch break, a 20-minute tea break, a 10-minute break between innings, and a 5-minute break at any time.

One-Day Internationals (ODI)

The one-day cricket format has evolved slightly throughout the years, but the current iteration has been in place for quite some time. Each of the two teams of 11 players gets 50 overs, and the winner is determined by whose score is higher at the end of the allotted time.

One-Day Internationals are more accessible to a wider audience due, in part, to the relative simplicity of the format. However, if the scores are tied at the end of the game, things can get a little trickier. This is what most punters of the best online cricket betting sites in India get excited about.

Twenty 20/ Twenty 20 Internationals

T20s, the newest and shortest format of the game, limit each innings to a maximum of 20 overs. In the event of a rain delay or other stoppage, a minimum of five overs must be played per inning in a Twenty20 match.

Basically, T20s played between ODI teams or at ICC-sanctioned T20 events are Twenty20 Internationals. Tours can only include a maximum of two Twenty20 Internationals per series, per ICC regulations.

Popular Cricket Tournaments Around the World

Cricket competitions occur all throughout the world, each one offering something special. The lengthy background of the game is mostly responsible for this. Years of conflict have fueled animosity between, say, India and Pakistan, or between England and Australia. These rivalries are still going strong in the highest levels of cricket competition.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the largest and most prestigious cricket tournament in the world. This competition uses the ODI (One Day International) format for its games. The match will go for 50 overs and one day. The ICC Cricket World Cup is held every four years, just like the other major international tournaments.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a cricket series between the English and Australian national teams and is widely considered to be one of the sport’s greatest rivalries. There have been 72 matches between England and Australia since 1882, with England taking 32 series victories and Australia taking 34. The Ashes are played every two years, with each country taking it in turns to host.

IT20 Series

After an exciting tour of England in 2022, New Zealand is coming back for a series of matches against England in 2023 for the IT20 Series. Between August 30 and September 5, the Black Caps will play an IT20 series against their English counterparts in the north of England. Birmingham, Durham, Nottingham, and Manchester, and will host the four games.

Closing Thoughts

IT20 Series, The Ashes, and the ICC Cricket World Cup are only some of the most prominent cricket tournaments to get excited about. Discover all the international cricket tournaments and events at the best online cricket betting sites India, and you might even get lucrative betting offers!