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Here you'll find a rundown of all the forthcoming online cricket betting matches for which betting odds are currently available, along with links to the various sites where you may place such bets.


You can see what the odds are at each of the betting sites we pull information from by simply clicking the odds button next to the match you wish to bet on.

Cricket Odds Explained

On this page, you’ll not only see a schedule of upcoming cricket matches but also a collection of the best cricket betting odds and offers. Some of the possible results of the match are listed in numbered boxes. In this article, we will discuss their meanings:


England vs. India
1.63 5.25 4.30  
England Draw India  

The odds for various outcomes in a Test match between India and Australia are displayed in the preceding example. Bets can be placed on India to win, a tie, or Australia to win.


Betting on India will get you 1.66-to-1 odds. If India wins against Australia and you bet 1,000 INR on them to do so, you will collect 1,660 INR in total (your original wager of 1,000 INR plus your winnings of 660 INR).


bet amount * betting odds = payout
1,000 * 1.66 = 1,660

After a successful wager, your payout is calculated by multiplying your initial wager by the applicable odds.


If Australia wins against India and you wager 325 Rupees on them to do so at odds of 4.60, you will win 1,495 Rupees.


bet amount * betting odds = payout
325 * 4.60 = 1,495

If you want to know how much money you may expect to win by betting on an event, just multiply your wager by the odds.


How to Use Betting Odds

You can't only focus on trying to guess who will win the match or the proposition bet if you want to make money betting on the best cricket betting India sites over the long haul.


If you only wager at one sportsbook, you're probably leaving money on the table. You see, even if you were 100% accurate in picking the winner of every game, having the best odds would still be quite important.


In the short term, the rate of return would be higher, and it would increase with time. Correctly estimating the chances of a cricket match is much more important than just half the battle.


The Importance of Betting Odds

We'll use two contrasting gamblers to illustrate why it's so important to seek out the best odds available. Take bettors A and B for example. Both are winners who have a high success percentage in betting (65%, to be precise).


Bettors A typically receive odds of 1.90, while Bettors B, who is shopping lines, typically receive odds of 2.00. Assume they want to begin IPL betting this year and plan to wager on 60 games. They would each have around 39 winning bets and 21 losing ones on average. If they are placing bets of 5,000 INR on each game, they can end up with these results.


Bettor A net winnings:
39 * 0.90 + 21 * (-1) = 14.1 * 5,000 INR = 70,500 INR  
Bettor B net winnings:
39 * 1.00 + 21 * (-1) = 18 * 5,000 INR = 90,000 INR  

You're passing up savings of around 20,000 INR by not doing any online comparisons. Some might object with "alternative cost" or some other excuse, but when anything can be automated or completed in a few seconds, it's time to be organized.


If there's one thing you take away from this site about online sports betting, it is that finding the best odds on your wagers is just as crucial as finding the best betting offers.


Finding the Best Cricket Betting Odds Online

We will elaborate on the term "line shopping," which we have already used. The term simply refers to the process of comparing the odds or rates offered by various sportsbooks in order to find the best price for your wager.


In the same way that you would compare pricing before purchasing a new automobile or leather jacket, you can do the same thing here. People often shop around for the best price rather than buying something at the first store they find it in. The same may be said for gambling.


Line shopping is the process of comparing several betting sites in search of the best possible odds on a specific wager.


You would have excellent access to the finest odds whenever you wish to place a bet on any online cricket betting India site if you had funds on deposit at all of the different online betting sites. However, given that we do not reside in a perfect environment and that many people likely face financial constraints at various points, this can be challenging.


It is advisable to have accounts at two betting sites at all times, with the option to join more sportsbooks if your bankroll grows or your interest in different betting markets shifts.


Where to Find the Best Cricket Betting Odds

The age-old response to this query is "it depends." This uninteresting response is because that is the honest-to-goodness truth.


There is no universal rule as to how often good betting offers and odds appear at different sportsbooks; they tend to emerge when betting companies make a mistake or want to offburden some of the heavy action they were given on another side.


There are, however, betting sites that consistently provide better odds than others on cricket and cater to the professional betting industry. Instead of offering flashy promos and incentives, they focus on maximizing your winnings by squeezing the lines as tight as possible.


If you want to be successful with online betting over the long term, you need access to the best cricket betting sites. Keep in mind that the market is dominated by other sharp bettors, and as a result, the lines are often efficient, so make sure you have a good reason to bet on a particular line before placing your wager.