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Best Online Poker

Best Online Poker




Founded: 2006

Impressive variety of sports and casino games available Limited range of bonuses


One of the top-notch online poker in India  

Dafabet is widely recognized as the best cricket betting site and an incredible online casino in India, and some even consider it the finest. If you're wondering what sets Dafabet apart and why it has become the premier choice as one of the best cricket betting sites in India, not only does it offer sports betting, but its online casino also offers high-quality casino games, live casino features, and incredible casino promos and bonuses.


Accepts Indian rupees and offers multiple payment options


Safest and legal online casino site in India


The platform boasts an excellent live betting system and live casino games


Seamless transactions and instant withdrawals


Available in mobile application featuring an optimized platform.





Founded: 2009

Engage in games against actual numerous players Individual wallets for every game provider
Finest online poker platform in India  

Fun88 is a gambling site that includes both an online casino and an online cricket betting India. Although originating in Asia, its users span the globe, comprising people from many different nations, including India. This gambling site offers an array of bonuses, promos, and payment methods.


Unibet Casino




Founded: 1997

Numerous poker rooms featuring actual players The registration process is somewhat slow
Incredible mobile application  

Unibet Casino, a globally recognized online casino site, has recently extended its services to cater to Indian users. By joining Unibet as a player, you gain entry to an extensive array of enjoyable games and engaging features. Their game collection surpasses that of many other online casinos, encompassing a wide variety, such as bingo, poker, and numerous other options.


Betway Live Casino



Founded: 2006

Top-notch live poker games Virtual and video poker are not provided
Reputable online casino site  

Betway stands as one of the largest and most reputable online gambling and online cricket betting sites globally. While it initially gained renown for its sports betting choices, Betway has subsequently expanded its services to include casino games. Alongside its sports offerings, Betway also provides a compact yet exceptionally high-quality assortment of live casino games.


One of the most reputable online casino site


Seamless transactions


Legal gambling site in India


Accepts Indian rupees


Available in Mobile application


Casino Days



Founded: 2016

Over 15 incredible virtual poker games Slight delay in customer service
Optimal mobile site  

Casino Days stands as a spacious internet casino featuring impressive slot machines and an enjoyable live casino section. With a diverse range of payment methods accessible to players from India and remarkably swift payout processes, Casino Days emerges as an excellent choice for an online casino, particularly well-suited for newcomers.


One of the expansive casino sites in India


Speedy withdrawals and provides multiple payment methods


Legal gambling site in India


Accepts Indian rupees


High quality online slot games


Top Online Poker Sites


Our Rating:


Premier online casino site in India and best cricket betting India

Impressive variety of sports and casino games available

Offers a wide range of poker tournaments

Offers impressive and enticing arcade games



Responsive customer service

Speedy payouts

Offers generous welcome bonus

Provides Incredible poker tournaments daily


Our Rating:


A highly reputable betting platform with a strong standing

Impressive array of live casino choices

Betway Casino exclusively offers games of the utmost quality

Speedy withdrawals


Our Rating:


Offers poker promos weekly

Best online poker application

Fantastic varieties of slot machines

Optimal online poker application 

Casino Days

Our Rating:


Over 4,000 casino games are on offer

Abundance of excellent live casino tables

Supports convenient deposit options tailored for Indian players

Offers substantial bonus


Play Online Poker

Play Online Poker


Online poker has become immensely popular in India over the past few years, captivating both newbies and veterans alike. Regardless of your skill level, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, our website caters to all poker enthusiasts.


At BestCricketBettingSite India, we offer comprehensive information on the complexities of online poker, including insights into the art of playing with real money. We are here to educate you on efficient poker strategies, introduce you to the wide range of poker variants available on the internet, and provide you with a curated list of highly regarded online poker platforms.


Discover the thrill of finely designed poker strategies that can improve your game and increase the amount you make. Explore the many poker game forms accessible on the internet to improve your comprehension and proficiency. 


In addition, our meticulously curated list of top-tier online poker websites will direct you to reputable and engaging venues where you may participate in this captivating card game.

Whether you're an eager beginner or a seasoned hand, our platform is your ultimate companion on your journey through the dynamic world of online poker in India.


How to Earn Profits while Playing Online Poker?

How to Earn Profits while Playing Online Poker


Select the best online poker site of your preference


Are you interested in playing video poker or taking part in a live poker tournament? Alternatively, are you looking for the thrill of competing against real people in an online setting? Your taste for a certain kind of poker will direct you to the best online casino site for your gameplay.


Master the rules of Poker


In this section, newcomers to the game can delve into the fundamentals of poker. Our thorough guide is intended to equip you with a good understanding of the intricate rules of poker, a process that may sound intimidating at first to someone who is just starting out as a player.

With our assistance, you'll find yourself gaining the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate the world of poker with ease.


Winning Strategies in Online Poker


Poker is usually acknowledged as a game that is mostly determined by ability rather than chance.


This suggests that you have the ability to polish and improve your poker skills through committed practice and the execution of thoughtful plans, enhancing your ability to outmaneuver other players and secure victories.


In the following discussion, we will provide you with valuable insights on how precisely to achieve this and empower your poker-playing prowess.


Variations of Online Poker

Variations of Online Poker


Were you aware that the realm of online poker offers a diverse array of game types?

We've created a thorough list of several online poker variations right here, with the goal of providing you with the information you need to select the one that piques your interest the most. 

Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner in the virtual poker field, these several game options ensure that there's something fresh and exciting for everyone to try.


How to play online poker 


Poker is a game intended for universal enjoyment, embracing a remarkably wide spectrum of players. This inclusiveness extends throughout the board. 


Poker is one of the most flexible and gratifying games available, whether you're acquiring it for lighthearted amusement and bonding among colleagues in the comfort of your own home, using it as a means of instruction to improve fundamental math skills, pursuing it as a dedicated profession, or seeking solace from long hours at work.


The advent of online poker takes this experience to even greater heights. It allows you to participate in gameplay ranging from the most basic to the most extravagant stakes. 

Moreover, this accessibility applies to your favorite devices, whether they are a stationary desktop, a portable laptop, a handy smartphone, or a versatile tablet. 


Whether you're a new player just starting out in poker or a seasoned veteran with a long track record, regardless of your experience with the game, everyone is guaranteed to find their due place at a virtual poker table.


Is it permissible to play online poker in India?


Yes, it is crucial to remember that online poker platforms operate well within the legal restrictions in India, making participation in virtual poker games a fully legitimate pursuit. The legality component is well established, allowing individuals to enjoy poker games online without fear of legal ramifications.


One important issue in internet poker's legality is its designation as a skill-oriented pursuit rather than one based solely on chance. This distinction protects players from any potential legal ramifications of participating in online poker activities. 


The acknowledgment of poker's strategic and analytical features as important predictors of success emphasizes its legal compliance.

On top of that, it's worth highlighting the commitment of BestCricketBettingSite India to the welfare and security of its user base.  


This is reflected in their exclusive support of casino sites that are not only secure and reliable but also fully compliant with the prevailing legal regulations. Using this method ensures that visitors can interact with these suggested websites with confidence, knowing that they are operating legally.


Newcomers have the opportunity to adhere to our comprehensive guide, systematic instructions outlining the procedure of playing real-money online poker. For those who are already familiar with the game of poker, we have compiled a list of suggested poker websites.


First Step: Select the Best Online Poker Site of Your Preference


Selecting a poker platform primarily relies on your preference for opponents. There are three primary types of online poker involving actual funds: 


  1. Player-versus-player poker over the site
  2. Live poker against a human dealer.
  3. Computer-based virtual poker


 Below, we present our top recommendations for each of these categories:


  1. Dafabet - offers a wide variety of poker tournaments and regular events
  2. Fun88 - offers exceptional poker rooms featuring a variety of table options
  3. Casino Days - presents an impressive virtual poker experience in India


Second Step: Master The Rules of Poker


At first look, the world of poker may appear intimidating to beginners. However, rest assured, grasping the fundamentals of basic poker is well within reach. The prevalent variant of online poker, often version, is Texas Hold'em. Now, let's delve into an exploration of the game's regulations to shed light on its mechanics.


Here are the Poker Hand rankings from strongest to weakest:


Royal Flush 


The most powerful hand is the royal flush, which consists of five consecutive cards sharing the same suit, including face cards, ten, and an ace. 


Straight Flush


Any sequence of five cards with consecutive values and the same suit.


Four of a Kind


Quads involve four cards of identical rank across all suits. The fifth card, the highest among those on the table or in your possession, completes the five-card hand.


Full House


A full house is formed by three cards of the same value in three distinct suits, accompanied by a pair of cards of the same rank in two other suits. 




A flush is achieved with five non-consecutive cards of the same suit, arranged without a specific order.




A straight is made up of five consecutive numerical cards stemming from various suits. 


Three of a Kind


A three-of-a-kind poker hand encompasses three cards of equal rank in three diverse suits. The remaining two highest cards apart from the three of a kind complete the hand.


Two Pair


Two separate pairs of cards sharing the same rank constitute a two-pair hand.


One Pair 


A pair signifies two cards of identical rank originating from different suits. The remaining three highest-ranking cards available are utilized to complete the hand.


High Card 


The least favorable hand is possible, with the highest card within the hand being the defining factor. In this instance, the king of spades holds the highest value.


Betting Rounds 


The presence of 'betting rounds' is a constant in the world of poker. But what does this involve exactly? During these rounds, players place bets based on the perceived power of their own card combinations. To end a betting round, each player must either fold, discard the hand, or match the wager by paying an equal number of chips to the overall pool.


When dealt a favorable hand, the smart option is to raise the bet, increasing the total amount at stake. This deliberate action serves as a statement of strength, typically prompting opponents with weaker hands to carefully fold. 


However, a compelling strategy beckons: bluffing. This fascinating strategy involves projecting an image of strength by large bets in order to persuade opposing competitors into conceding the match and thus obtaining victory without exposing the true hand's value. 


The beauty of bluffing is in its potential efficacy, profiting on opponents misinterpreting the gamble as evidence of predominant card holdings.


Nevertheless, the poker environment is fraught with complexities. Consider yourself involved in a bluff, only to be met with a countermove—a raise—from an opponent. 


The wisdom of raising denotes better strength, but there is a compelling twist: the raiser could be pulling a bluff, displaying an intricate game of psychological strategies. This complicated dance embodies the fascination of poker, in which skill, risk-taking, and intelligence twist a fascinating weave.


Third Step: Winning Strategies in Online Poker


Choose your starting hands thoughtfully


Making sensible decisions about your starting hand is essential in the game of Texas Holdem. This is because it prevents you from getting involved in rounds with weak hands, which could eventually result in significant monetary losses.


The meaning of "starting hand selection" refers to the practice of choosing strong hands over weak ones whenever they occur.


While it is true that any hand has the ability to win in Poker, it remains true that certain hands have a higher likelihood of winning. By consistently favoring strong hands, we increase our chances of achieving more favorable outcomes in the long term. 


Mastering hand rankings and considering the odds


Knowing the starting hands is a useful poker strategy, but mastering hand rankings is even more important for online poker performance. For instance, holding A-8 and seeing a flop of K-8-2 gives you a pair of eights that includes an ace kicker. However, you're outdone by a pair of kings and potentially beaten by a set of 2s or 8s. 


To enhance your hand, you might aim for another 8 for three of a kind, but this could expose to you an opponent having a full house. 


An ace would grant you two pairs, which would strengthen your position. However, if someone raised before the flop, they could have A-K. Understanding odds for achieving a winning hand is vital, involving knowledge of:

  • Hand Odds
  • Pot Odds
  • Outs (cards improving your hand)


Outs represent cards in the deck that can enhance your hand, allowing you to determine hand odds. Examine the two ratios by comparing your calculated hand odds to the amount required to call.


Suppose your hand odds are 4/1 based on outs, and the pot odds are 12/1. When you're being offered 12/1 to make a 4/1 call, it's a straightforward and sensible decision.


Fortunately, many online resources offer hand odds cheat sheets. Make a copy of it and keep it handy for your next online poker game.


Factor in your position at the table


Mastering table position is essential for mastering poker strategy. Your behaviors are determined by your position. You may encounter rises if you are in an early position - the first to act. Late position, on the other hand, provides insight into your opponents' moves.


The importance of position is enormous. It influences your hand choices for raising and calling, as well as your pre- and post-flop assertiveness.


Acquire the skill of bluffing


Skilled players utilize bluffing to force opponents' stronger hands to fold. Begin with mastering the continuation bet (c-bet), which is a post-flop bet that comes after pre-flop leading. 


Regardless of hitting the flop, a c-bet sustains the narrative and conceals strong hands with an aggressive persona, leading opponents to think you're aiming for the pot while actually holding a good hand.


Avoid falling into a pattern of excessive bluffing to maintain unpredictability


Improving your poker playing entails learning how to bluff. However, it is critical not to become unduly committed to bluffing, as this could result in chip loss. Especially if your opponent continually calls without acknowledging your strategy.


Another technique to incorporate is the semi-bluff, where you possess a drawing hand that holds the possibility of transforming into a strong one.


Don't hesitate to fold when necessary


Online poker offers the advantage of a high volume of hands being dealt swiftly, especially in fast-paced games like turbo Sit ‘n Gos and fast-fold cash games. Therefore, there's no need to overly engage with weaker hands just due to impatience.


It may appear monotonous to fold constantly, but resist having a tendency to play poor hands out of boredom. Similarly, it's crucial to fold even seemingly good hands if circumstances indicate otherwise.


For instance, if a conservative player raises aggressively on a flop like A-6-10 and you have a middle pair, it's likely a hint that you're in trouble. In such instances, it is better to fold the hand and save your chips for the next opportunity.


Maintaining complete confidence in your decisions is paramount. When uncertain about countering a raise, the most prudent choice usually involves folding the hand.


Embrace an assertive playing style


Having an aggressive strategy is necessary for successful play in both cash games and poker tournaments. Engaging with good opening hands becomes pointless unless you're willing to sacrifice a significant amount of chips to pressure opponents into folding.


Therefore, an essential piece of advice is to employ a strategy that combines caution and aggression - choose a small number of hands to play and place assertive bets on them. 

Even with little pairs and suited connectors, you can enhance your aggression against opponents that fold frequently because of their less favorable gaming. 


This approach serves the purpose of concealing your hand's true potency, particularly in situations where you only partially connect with the flop.


Online Poker Types


In India, there exist three primary categories of online poker, which can be outlined as:


  1. Live Poker: Engage in poker sessions against a live dealer through online casino venues.
  2. Virtual Poker: Participate in poker games against computer-generated opponents within the online casino arena.
  3. Online Poker: This form involves playing against fellow players within designated poker rooms.


Suggestions of Playing in an Online Poker Venue

Suggestions of Playing in an Online Poker Venue


The majority of online poker enthusiasts seek to engage in games within virtual poker rooms against actual individuals on the web. However, participating in dubious poker platforms can pose significant risks. 


These platforms are safe, legitimate, and reputable, so you may enjoy their online poker arenas without worrying about your safety online.


Top-Notch Sites in Engaging in Real Online Poker


  1. Dafabet - One of the premier online casino sites that offers a wide variety of poker tournaments.
  2. 20bet - Multiple options for poker rooms with various game types
  3. Unibet - Provides exceptional poker software with customization options for avatars

List of 10 Poker Betting Sites in India (2024)

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Suggestions for Choosing Online Poker Sites That Feature Live and Virtual Poker 

Experienced poker enthusiasts may not have a strong preference between live and virtual poker, but both online modes can provide pleasurable experiences for newcomers looking to enhance their poker expertise. Below, we've compiled our top picks for live and virtual poker options in India.


Top Choices for Online Poker Gaming

  1. Dafabet - Ideal venue for top-notch video poker and offers a wide variety of poker tournaments.
  2. 22bet - Your ultimate destination for immersive live poker tables
  3. Casino Days - The premier Indian casino for engaging in virtual poker gameplay


Variations of Online Poker 

Variations of Online Poker

Below are a variety of poker games available on the internet.


Texas Hold’em Poker

Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Exchange Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Three Card Poker

Tequila Poker

Pai Gow Poker

7 Card Stud Poker

5 Card Draw Poker

Pineapple Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

Irish Poker

Badugi Poker

Short Deck Hold'em Poker

Omaha Hold’em Poker


What Online Casino Site Offers Real Money?

Once you've learned the basics of online poker, it's time to explore the Indian sites for playing the game. While our complete list includes both virtual and live poker alternatives, this section focuses on identifying the most suitable venues for real-money poker online, such as the best poker sites and the best poker app available in India.


Dafabet - Best Online Casino Site for Poker Tournaments

Dafabet, Asia's leading online bookmaker, provides a dedicated and unique service known as DafaPoker. This prestigious platform is a vital element of the worldwide famous iPoker network, offering a vast range of engaging games to suit a wide range of preferences. A variety of progressive jackpot tournaments are among the captivating offers. Playtech, a name known for cutting-edge gaming technology and innovation, created the software that powers DafaPoker.


Regarded as one of the best poker rooms

Impressive variety of sports and casino games available

Multiple methods for speedy transactions 

Offers a wide variety of poker tournaments and regular events

One of the safest, most legitimate, and reputable gambling sites


Fun88 - Best Online Casino Site for Player-vs-Player Poker Match

Fun88 is a trustworthy and well-recommended website for sports betting and casino games, including a great poker section. It is, in our opinion, one of the ideal poker interfaces available in India.


Offers daily poker tournaments

Offers impressive poker rewards and deals

Provides amazing poker rooms for battling with other players

Ensures quick and secure payout process

A secure, authorized, and trustworthy site


Unibet - Best Mobile Application for Online Poker

Unibet has an amazing poker app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Additionally, you have the option to engage in gameplay through their website or opt to download their poker software for offline use; nevertheless, we believe the application is the more user-friendly option.


Excellent offline software

Weekly promotions designed for poker enthusiasts

Poker loyalty program with point-based advantages

Regular freeroll tournaments are held every hour, along with a variety of other tournaments

Poker loyalty program with point-based advantages


Tournaments in Online Poker

Tournaments in Online Poker

Participating in online poker tournaments allows participants to compete for a predefined prize pool. To be eligible for such tournaments, players must pay a buy-in fee. Following that, participants are given a set number of chips, which they use to compete against other participants for the ultimate reward.


Here are some of the well-known and best online poker tournaments, which includes:


Sit n Go Tournaments 

Among the prevalent tournament styles, the Sit n Go format stands out. Unlike scheduled tournaments, Sit n Go events commence once all available seats are occupied. Usually accommodating 9-10 players at a single table, this format can expand to encompass up to 360 participants in a multi-table variant.


Freezeout Tournaments

This is often regarded as the most popular format of poker tournaments. There are no do-overs or second chances once the gameplay begins. After paying your entry fee, you receive your stack of chips and play until you win by gathering all of the chips at stake. It's a test of skill, strategy, and tenacity as you progress through the rounds in search of the ultimate victory.


Multi Table Tournaments

Multi-table tournaments commence at predetermined times. Typically, numerous participants engage in these events across a variety of tables. Competitors are eliminated according to their scores. 


As the tournament progresses and only a small number of players remain, the browser redirects them to the ultimate table. The victor of the competition is determined by the player who possesses the highest chip count when the event concludes.


Bounty Tournaments

Bounty tournaments involve providing gamers with a designated sum of money for eliminating a specific player during the event. The bounty represents the reward granted to a player for successfully eliminating their fellow competitors. 


Satellite Tournaments

By making a small financial contribution, you can secure a position in a buy-in tournament or an exciting live event. These prominent tournaments come in a variety of forms and setups, but they all have one thing in common: the option to compete in a larger tournament as a result of your accomplishment. 


This pathway allows you to transform a nominal entry fee into a potential gateway to a remarkable and larger-scale gaming experience, enhancing both your skills and the thrill of the game. 


Each moment of a participant being knocked out results in a bounty being offered to other players.


Freeroll Tournaments

Freerolls are tournaments that participants can enter without having to pay a buy-in fee. Despite the absence of an admission fee, there is the possibility of winning cash prizes in these kinds of activities. These tournaments are very advantageous to people who are new to the game of poker.


These players can obtain a thorough understanding of the game fundamentals without putting their own money at risk. As players understand the methods involved, they can significantly increase their bankroll by actively participating in freeroll events.


Rebuy Tournaments

Rebuy tournaments enable players to repurchase chips after the first distribution has run out. The opportunity to re-buy chips is confined to a specific timeframe established by the poker platform you're registered with. Moreover, there exists a restriction on the frequency of re-buying permissible.