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The International Cricket Council organizes cricket international matches between teams from their respective countries. The three primary formats are test matches, one-day matches, and T20 matches.


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The majority of games take place as part of "tours," in which one country travels to a different nation for a prolonged period and competes in a variety of matches against the host country. The ICC also conducts multi-country events, such as the Cricket World Cup and the ICC T20 World Cup.


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Cricket Tournaments - History 

Cricket Tournaments

There was no institutional framework for international cricket before the early twentieth century. It was previously customary for countries to conduct their own cricket matches, with no involvement from a group with names like the International Cricket Council. 


The ICC subsequently bound the Test-playing nations to a 10-year fixture schedule known as the ICC Future Tours Program. The aim of this approach was designed to encourage some of the larger countries to play the smaller nations more regularly.


Cricket Formats Explained - Test, ODI and T20

Before proceeding to the next section you must understand the difference between the Test, ODI, and T20 in . If you understand these forms, then you understand a lot about cricket tournaments


Test Cricket 

Test Cricket

Test cricket is the longest format in the game of cricket. Test cricket takes place over five days, with both sides batting and bowling twice. In a Test cricket match, a team may only have to bat once. However, it is necessary to bowl twice.


Test cricket operates in an extremely simple way, but things become more difficult when a Test cricket match takes unexpected turns. Normally, in a Test cricket match, the side that bats first attempts to score as many runs as they can before being bowled out or deciding to 'declare' the innings. 


In a Test cricket match, the team that's batting first has the option to declare at any time and with any score. The opponent then comes out to bat, attempting to outscore the side that batted first. 


If they can beat the score put up by the team that bats first, they will be able to continue playing and take what is known as a 'lead' in Test cricket. Once they have the lead, they have the option of declaring anytime they wish or staying to play until dismissed.


One Day International (ODI)

One Day International

In a one-day international, both sides bat and bowl once. The team batting first establishes a target, which the team batting second must surpass. Each team gets 50 overs to bat and throw. Each bowler may bowl up to a total of 10 overs. 


If the bowler exceeds the bowling crease painted on each side of the playing pitch, it is considered a no ball. In the scenario of a no-ball, the batsman is allowed a free hit and can only be eliminated by a run out or a stumping.


ODIs normally conclude with an outcome, unless it rains or play is halted due to bad lighting. One Day Internationals include a lot of running as well as a lot of excitement and enjoyment since players wear colorful jerseys, and the matches are sometimes Day-Night or D/N in nature, which means they take place at night with floodlights turned on. When it comes to cricket, one-day internationals are regarded as an unusual format.


T20 (Twenty-Twenty) Cricket 

T20 Cricket

Twenty-20 cricket is one of the shortest and most entertaining formats in cricket. If you want to learn about cricket, you have to understand its famous format. In this arrangement, both teams receive twenty overs apiece, and the game begins. The team with the most runs at the finish is the winner. 


The IPL, or India Premier League, serves as one of the world's most well-known and exciting T20 cricket tournaments, with players from all over the world competing for Indian regional teams.


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The “Tour” in Cricket Tournaments 

The majority of Test, One-Day, and T20 matches are held on "tours". A tour involves a single country traveling to another and playing warm-up matches, which could include first-class games, towards domestic teams including county or state teams. 


A number of Test matches against the host nation, and a choice of a series of One-Day (ODi) and Twenty20 matches against the host nation or an event involving the host nation and another touring nation.  Tours may comprise Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, or only one or two of the aforementioned formats.


Test series can span anywhere between two to six matches, however some trips only include one test. 


Six-match series were prevalent in the 1970s and early 1980s, with the West Indies and England playing their most recent six-match series in 1997-1998. During 1981 and 1997, England's Ashes Test series were six-match events, whereas Australia's home matchups were reduced to five matches from 1982 to 1983.


The most significant series last four or five matches, while the less significant ones range two to three. Sometimes the victorious team receives a perpetual trophy. Perpetual Trophies involve the following:


  • The Ashes
  • Trans-Tasman Trophy
  • Frank Worrell Trophy
  • Border-Gavaskar Trophy
  • Clive Lloyd Trophy
  • Freedom Trophy
  • Sir Vivian Richards Trophy
  • Pataudi Trophy
  • Anthony de Mello Trophy
  • Richard-Botham Trophy


Tours may feature a multi-team one-day competition, sometimes known as a "triangular" or "quadrangular" competition. Teams compete in a round-robin system, typically playing each other twice. 


Points are granted for victories, ties, and no results, with certain events also awarding extra points based on margin of win. There might be an ultimate match between the two sides with the highest number of points from the robin round.


The ICC Competitions 

The International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket's worldwide governing body, is responsible for the gentleman's game at an international level. The International Cricket Council oversees the majority of cricket matches played throughout the world, while it is not actively engaged in the majority of them.


However, you must have observed that the ICC occasionally hosts famous cricket events. In this part, we'll look at some of the most notable cricket events hosted by the ICC.


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Men’s International Tournaments 

ICC Competitions  Explanation
Cricket World Cup The ICC Cricket World Cup is the apex of the worldwide cricket calendar. The Cricket World Cup has been held since 1975, with Australia becoming the most victorious side in the event's history.

The event is held every four years and follows the ODI format. Over the course of time, the ODI World Cup has created some great moments and has a unique place in the lives of cricket enthusiasts.

Champions Trophy The ICC Champions Trophy has similarities to the Cricket World Cup and might be considered a mini-World Cup. The sole distinction is that only the world's top eight teams participate in this competition. 

The competition's initial goal was to help non-test-playing teams, but over time, the tournament became more focused on the presence of elite teams.

World Test Championship The World Test Championship is a very recent tournament in men's international cricket. Nine Test-playing nations—Australia, India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, the West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh—will compete in six international Test series.
T20 World Cup  Another ICC event began in the twenty-first century and has a devoted global fan base. The ICC held the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007, with India claiming the tournament.

Since then, the game's shortened format has expanded significantly, helping to spread the game around the world. Every two years, elite teams compete for the T20 World Cup title.

U-19 Cricket World Cup The inaugural U-19 World Cup took place in 1988 in Australia, under the name Youth Cricket World Cup. Following its debut edition, the tournament was not contested again before 1998, with the competition being held every two years thereafter.

Throughout several years, the U-19 World Cup has seen some amazing performances by young cricketers. Many have gone on to play for their national teams at tournaments around the world, with Virat Kohli being the most notable example.

Women’s International Tournaments 

ICC Competitions  Explanation
Cricket World Cup The Women's World Cup is cricket's earliest competition, having debuted in 1973, which was two years before the Men's Cricket World Cup. The International Women's Cricket Council (IWCC) previously organized the tournament until it came together with the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2005.

Since then, the event has taken place every four years in ODI format. The Australian women's squad, like their male counterparts, is the most victorious team in Women's World Cup history.

T20 World Cup Following the first men's T20 World Cup in 2007, the ICC launched an identical tournament for women's teams in 2009. The Women's T20 World Cup is held every two years, and Australia likewise dominated the shorter format competition, winning the most titles.
U-19 T20 World Cup To encourage women to participate in cricket at earlier ages, the ICC established the U-19 Women's T20 World Cup. The event began in 2023, and India's Under-19 squad won the cup. The competition is scheduled to be held every two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cricket tournaments are there?

The ICC hosts four significant cricket leagues: the World Test Championship, the World Cup, the T20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy. These are regarded as the world's largest and most notable cricket events, with countries making major efforts to win.


What is the biggest cricket tournament?

The ICC Cricket World Cup is regarded as the world's largest cricket competition. The tournament is contested once every four years, with the inaugural one taking place in England.


Can I bet on cricket tournaments?

Yes, you may place bets on your favorite cricket competitions, such as the IPL, World Cup, Champions Trophy, T20 World Cup, SA20, and other important events, by visiting any of the cricket betting sites listed on BestCricketBettingSite.