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As a strategy-based online sport, Fantasy Cricket allows users to assemble virtual teams comprised of actual cricketers competing in actual matches all over the world. Points are awarded depending on how well these players do in real-life matches.


To beat your opponents, you need to assemble a winning squad of eleven players from among the teams competing on any particular day. One of the most popular fantasy cricket sites among Indian sports lovers is Dream11. You can also use their mobile app to place bets on cricket matches on this site.


You can never really grow tired of discovering the best online cricket betting sites in India here at BestCricketBettingSite thanks to Fantasy Cricket!

List of Cricket Betting Sites in India 2024





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The Fantasy Cricket Market in India

Three-quarters of the entire gaming market in India is dominated by their online gaming platform. Forecasts indicate that the fantasy sports industry will reach a value of 1,65,000 crore rupees by the fiscal year 25. This makes fantasy sports one of the most lucrative gaming subsets. India is making remarkable strides in the fantasy sports game business, which had only a handful of platforms in 2016 and now has 300+ developers.


The Indian Premier League took the cricketing world by storm in 2008, albeit Fantasy cricket had been around for quite some time. 'Fantasy cricket' became popular as a result of this. Even though fantasy sports have come a long way and expanded to include other sports since then, Fantasy cricket is still the most well-known arena.


On top of that, Dream11 pushed for the success of other national gaming unicorns this year. The fantasy sports market in India is booming, thanks to sites like Dream11, which attract millions of fantasy cricket online fans daily.


Fantasy Cricket: The Points System Explained

Just being named to your fantasy cricket team's starting eleven gets you four points. Your selected cricketer will get double the points as your TATA IPL Fantasy Cricket Team's Captain, and his vice-captain will earn half that amount.


From one cricket format to another, the Fantasy points are slightly different. In Twenty20 Internationals, for instance, six points are awarded to bowlers whose economy rates are below five runs per over.


But in Test cricket, the economy rate counts for absolutely nothing. The same holds true in Test matches: four points are subtracted if a batter is bowled for a duck. But if it occurs in a T10 or T20 format, you lose two points.


What is Dream11?

In Indian fantasy cricket, players take part in an online game where they select a team of eleven cricketers to represent their league in a virtual setting. Picking players who perform well on the field will help you collect points in the point system, which will lead to real money prizes. Thus, in the online game of Indian fantasy cricket, your winnings are directly proportional to the number of points scored by your fantasy team members.


Before the match deadline, you have an unlimited amount of time to edit your team. To view all of your created teams, just head to the "My Teams" section of the match page. Your contest earnings will be credited to your account once a match concludes if you are in the winning zone.


Quick Tips in Fantasy Cricket Online Betting

If you want to be the best at fantasy cricket, you need to learn how to put together a winning team of eleven players using Fantasy Cricket tips. Putting together a winning fantasy cricket squad doesn't mean you should just go with the best players you see. Stability among bowlers and batters is essential for the top fantasy cricket squad.


First and foremost, it is crucial to comprehend the player's performance. This is so because, while evaluating a player, it is necessary to take into account both their current and historical performance, as well as their standing as a pillar of the sport.


One of the most important factors in determining a match's outcome is the pitch. The pitch's behavior can and does change throughout a match. But it's smart to have a good idea in advance.


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For Indian Fantasy Cricket tournaments, Dream11 is a byword. It will feature everything a cricket fan would want to make their heart race! Dream League Cricket Tips is something you should be familiar with. All the major cricket tournaments and Twenty20 competitions are available on Dream11.


In recent decades, cricket's popularity has skyrocketed, and for many Indians, the sport is both a pastime and a necessity. For everyone seeking the ideal fantasy squad, BestCricketBettingSite is the greatest platform that offers the best cricket betting sites and fantasy cricket recommendations for Dream11 prediction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is an internet game in which you build a virtual team of actual cricket players and get points based on how well they perform in real matches. To win a tournament, competitors must aim for the most points and the top position on the scoreboard.


Is it legal to play Fantasy Cricket in India?

Yes, you can play Fantasy Cricket legally and safely in India since it is allowed. 


Can I win money by playing Fantasy Cricket?

Yes! You may engage in fantasy cricket and win cash every day! All you have to do is choose an upcoming cricket game, choose a team, deposit, and participate in a tournament.