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How To Bet On Cricket And Win

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Cricket is one of the world’s oldest sports, but only a small number of countries (Australia, England, Pakistan, and India, of course) competed professionally until recently.

Many facets of a single cricket match are open to wagering due to the sport’s many parallels to baseball. This can lead to two equally fascinating forms of gambling in India. Keep in mind that you must be in a state where sports betting is allowed and regulated.

You can find a retail sportsbook in establishments like casinos, bars, and even some arenas. In addition, if legal in your country, you can place wagers on cricket games through reputable sportsbooks found in the best online cricket betting sites in India.

How Betting on Cricket Works

Betting on cricket online requires an understanding of the cricket betting markets. While there can only be one victor in a cricket match, draws, tied matches, and abandoned games are also possible outcomes. Fortunately, most Indian sportsbooks offer 2-way markets, so your wager will be reimbursed in the event of a tie, draw, as well as abandoned game.

The most likely outcome, in the opinion of the bookmaker, is the market pick with the lowest odds. The prize for correctly predicting an underdog victory is greater since the chances are higher.

You can wager not just on the match’s final score, but also on individual players’ scores, bowling performances, and even the fall of the next wicket.

Learning Cricket: Cricket Formats Available

Betting well on cricket requires an in-depth familiarity with the sport. You’ll need some familiarity with the rules and structure of cricket, for instance. If you’re new to cricket, you’ll find a comprehensive explanation of the most popular formats here.


The top teams from around the country and around the world compete in first-class cricket matches, often known as test cricket. Both teams get two innings, therefore the games (which can be county championships or test matches) can run anywhere from four to five days. First-class cricket, like all forms of cricket, is played with 11 players on each side and on grounds that meet international specifications.

Limited Overs

Limited-overs matches are another popular cricket format you’ll stumble upon at the best online cricket betting sites in India. One innings matches in cricket are played with a set number of overs bowled by each team. Overs typically range from 20 to 50 balls, although the newest variation uses 100.

One Day

Limited-overs cricket is played between two prominent teams; in the case of ODI cricket, two national teams from different countries. The average length of a cricket match is 9 hours and 50 overs. Match Winners in these situations are notoriously difficult to predict.


T20, also known as Twenty20, is a popular format of cricket that debuted in 2003. Each of the two sides plays one innings of cricket that lasts for a maximum of 20 overs. T20 cricket is one of the most popular variations of the sport, with some of the most-seen matches throughout the world.

The Hundred

The Hundred is an eight-team professional cricket franchise comprising of both men and women and playing the 100-ball format. The England and Wales Cricket Board, or ECB, is in charge of organizing this competition.

Cricket Betting Markets

If you want to bet on cricket with any degree of success, you need to familiarize yourself with the various wagers that may be placed. Anyone who has ever gambled on a sporting event will find cricket betting to be no different than any other form of sports wager.

Betting on the moneyline in cricket is the same as betting on the winner of a match in any other sport. Cricket prop bets are wagers placed on special events that may occur during a match but have no bearing on the overall score of the game. Over/Under and Futures Bets are two other common types of cricket wagers.

Quick Tips to Win at Cricket Betting

Find out who the top players are for each side and how they stack up against the competition. Big sluggers who can knock in runs quickly are a valuable asset to any team.

Another common piece of advice for wagering on cricket is to bet the moneyline straight away upon the delivery of the first ball, as the odds will typically have shifted to more favorable lines at this point in the game compared to the closing pre-match lines.

Apply all the cricket tips you’ve learned here at the best online cricket betting sites India and discover the difference!